How to change or cancel an order on AliExpress

How to change or cancel an order on AliExpress

How to change or cancel an order on AliExpress:

Take a deep breath, you have ordered a product and you want to cancel immediately and get your money back, so here are some methods to help you overcome the problem.

so lets start !

How to cancel an order on AliExpress?

If you made a mistake (size, color, address ...) and noticed just after you completed your purchase, do not worry: below we will explain how to cancel orders on AliExpress and get your money back.

Cancel while checking order payment

The order can be canceled automatically while checking the payment, ie in the first minutes after the order is paid.

During this time you just need to enter this section, click "Cancel Order" in the appropriate order and select "I want to cancel this order now" or any option.

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Canceling order if the payment has already been confirmed

If you want to cancel the order after the payment is confirmed, you can still do so (also from here),

But in this case the seller will have to accept the cancellation. Therefore you may have already sent the order and you will not receive the cancellation.

Our recommendation in this case is that you send a message to the seller explaining the reasons for canceling the order and asking him to accept.

To do so, click here and click "Contact Seller". But if you have already sent the invitation you may not agree to cancel it.

If I cancel an order, will my money be refunded? Yes, they will refund you the money

If in the cancellation of the order the payment has already been processed (but not shipped), you will have to wait several days for AliExpress to make the refund.

To see if there is much to recover your money, you need to go to this section, click on "View Details", open the "Payment" tab (or "Funds") and there you will see the refund status.

When the three dots you see in the image are orange, AliExpress would have completed the return process, but it may take several more days depending on your bank. 


I canceled an order paid with a coupon, can I return it?

Well it depends on the type of coupon.

For example, if it was an AliExpress coupon and applied to multiple products, we could recover it if all the products paid for with the coupon were canceled.

Although if the coupon had an expiration date and that date has already passed, we may not recover it.

In the same way, we may not recover coupons from the seller.

The seller did not accept the cancellations ... Can I do something?

You only need to negotiate with the seller via courier: click here and click Contact Seller.

But if you have already placed the order and it arrives before the deadline, there is little you can do ...

How do I know if the seller accepted the cancellation?

When the money has been returned correctly, the order will appear in the "Deleted Orders" section which you can check by clicking here.

Remember that it usually takes a few days.

How to change an order on AliExpress?

There is no way to change an order. You must cancel the order and do so again.

Click here and click "Cancel Order" or re-read the detailed explanation of how to cancel orders.

The order was canceled by a Ali Express seller

First, we recommend contacting the seller (click here and clicking "Contact Seller") and ask what happened: it is normal to apologize, assume your mistake and offer to send the order again.

If this tells you he's sending you the order again, make sure he gives you a package tracking number.

Another option is to ask him to refund you the money and find another seller who has the same product and is a little more serious. And if the seller does not respond, you should always open a dispute on AliExpress.

Were you able to cancel an order?

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